Mission-critical information

from your MDT

displayed right in the line of sight

Our researches and interviews show that on average a police department spends about $14K per month to cover accidents involving police vehicles. That amounts to $168k a year.

Distraction caused by viewing incoming incident information on a mobile data terminal
is one the most critical factors of such accidents.

We believe we can drastically cut these expenses by offering a driving-friendly alternative to mobile data terminal.

Meet HEADSUP 911 — a portable heads-up display that sits on the dashboard and displays all messages to the front of the drive's eyes. In large contrasting fonts, with important elements tagged and highlighted.

  • Great projection visibility — can be used on day & night shifts
  • Intuitive to use, quick installation — no onboarding costs incurred
  • Simple update through mobile app — new functionality is deployed quickly
  • Portable, can be used on multiple vehicles — for maximized equipment efficiency
  • Messages displayed on mobile data terminal
  • Officer is continuously distracted from the road
  • Officer's capability to monitor traffic is severely reduced
  • Risk of accident is high and so is the stress
  • The system is not optimised to be used while driving
With HEADSUP 911
  • Notifications shown on HUD
  • Officer views both dispatcher's messages and the road
  • Officer keeps full control of the road situation
  • Officer can comfortably drive in heavy traffic
  • Interface designed to be used behind the wheel
  • Compatible with MDTs running Android and Win 8 — Win 10
  • Positive feedback received from police officers
  • No data accessed or stored by developers, no confidentiality-related vulnerabilities

What's in the box

Head-up display
usb charge cable
cigarette car cable
cable clips
aux cable
4" (10 cm)
6.3" (16 cm)
7.3" (18.5 cm)
AUX to RCA Cable
USB to Micro B Cable
Cable Clips
Power Adaptor
+ USB OTG Cable
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